Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We Want Talent!

I am likely to be severely reprimanded for using this forum to post a blatant advertisement. Apologies in advance.

While others are downsizing, and we face a reduction in trading volumes after the election we are still looking to add to our small team. This contrarian behaviour which you may rightly view as at-odds with crowd wisdom is probably another reason for being reprimanded.

If you are interested in being part of a small team who are passionate about the role and potential of prediction markets, a new niche that Intrade has in part created you will find details here.

Some additional information…
  • We have a small number of big initiatives that need additional resources
  • There are less than 20 full time people employed at Intrade everyone has the opportunity to have a big impact
  • Our comment to the CFTC on the treatment of prediction markets is here, and all industry comments are here
  • We have an exciting plan for a future that needs better information and transparency
If you really believe you have a lot to offer, I would love to hear from you.

Best regards,


John Delaney


Update October 28: We are thrilled to have received over 100 high quality applicants in the last week or so. It will take us a little time to work through them all and revert to people. Thanks for your patience in the interim.


Intrade said...

rjstelling said :

    Hi John,

I'm a big fan of Intrade here in the UK, and opportunities opening up in Europe?

Intrade said...
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Intrade said...

NYCppc said :

    Do you have a need for online marketing experts? (specifically a Pay Per Click manager who would manage search and content marketing?)

Also, are you willing to hire a candidate from the US?

Intrade said...

liquidity_needed said :

    I would rather see fewer markets and more liquidity. What can you do about this? Thanks.

Intrade said...

bupkus said :

    How can we help make a market in Financials. We need market makers in financials.

Intrade said...

Eric_Oregon said :

    Request for more information sent. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

Intrade said...

John Delaney said :

    @ Eric, Request recieved - reply sent.

@ bupkuk, We would love to have more high quality market makers in all our markets, including but not limited to certain financial markets. We provide tools and a helpful fee sructure to market mars and are always looking to recruit more.

@NYCppc, I believe we have communicated by email - if not we can. My address is above,

Intrade said...

J.P. said :

    Hi I'm a political science college student at an Ivy League university in the US, and I think that this site could draw some major interest among students. Anything opportunities for me to work for you? Even non-paid?

Intrade said...

Hi J.P.,

Thank you for your interest.

Why don't you consider applying for one of our summer internships to recruitment@intrade.com?

Additionally, if you wish to send a couple of articles to us we will be very happy to consider them for publication before next summer.

Best regards,