Tuesday, December 2, 2008

G.W. Bush: Biggest Regret?

After reading this article I started to think about the good and bad things that G.W. Bush presided over.

While his stated biggest regret is the failure of intelligence in Iraq it got me wondering if people believe this should be his biggest regret if he should have any at all.

Whatever your view it would be great to hear them on this topic.


Intrade said...

McMac said :

    His biggest regret must be running up the largest federal deficits in US history.

Intrade said...

whild said :

    Bush's legacy will rise and fall with Iraq, if Iraq is another Japan in 20 years, he'll be called a visionary. If it is instead another, well, Iraq, then his name will still be mud. Bush may well be principled, but historians are not.

Intrade said...

Shorty said :

    He will be viewed as the worst President ever.

Intrade said...

BritinNYC said :

    As a UK person who loves the US he will be viewed as the president who did most to damage the US reputation and standing at least outside the US.

He and Chaney were the best recruiters that fundamental Islam could have wished for.

Good riddance.

Intrade said...

Simple said :

    Accepting the honor and responsibility of being president of the greatest country on earth should be his biggest regret.

He has been an amazing failure

Intrade said...

Manorchurch said :

    HIS regret? Who cares what HIS regrets are? He destroyed the Constitution of the US, ravaged the Treasury, killed a hundred thousand people and impoverished millions. And still he sits and smirks. MY biggest regret is that the working people of the USA don't have the gumption to hang the SOB from the nearest cottonwood tree -- right next to his Cabinet appointees.

Intrade said...

i said said :

    his biggest regret should be becoming a puppet of the neocons...we should ask the same question to the real president of the united states for the last 8 years, dick cheney.

Intrade said...

@ i said said :

    well said Sir.

Intrade said...

HelpExcel.com said :

    His biggest regret should be signing those anti-Internet-gambling laws. Brought down TS.com

Intrade said...

VrMax said :

    @ Shorty:

Two words: Jimmy Carter.

Intrade said...

Milhous said :

    The relevant question is not whether Bush is the worst President ever, but rather by how many standard deviations is he the worst President ever.

Intrade said...

Upstate NY said :

    PLUS, according to a number of reliable sources, hitting the bottle again. Can we impeach the worst president ever for drinking on the job? I don't think the guys is capable of the sort of self-reflection that would allow room for real regret.As for regret, those who voted for his sorry a$$ should have plenty!

Intrade said...

Jack said :

    I guess that people who admire Bush are reluctant to participate in these blogs. It sounds like a bunch of attack dogs.

Regardless, history will show in 20 years that the Middle East is substantively changed to the benefit of the US and the Middle East. For the first time in 40 years student academic achievement is improving in the United States. North Korea is a regional problem for China, Japan, and South Korea instead of the US problem it was when Bush took office. The United States has been free of terrorist attacks since 9/11. The biggest deficit in US history (actually WWII's was bigger on a % of GDP)started with Jimmy Carter, redlining forcing Banks to loan to non credit worthy borrowers, and expanded in the interest of 'social justice' by the Clinton administration and the forbidden oversight of Fannie and Freddie by Chris Dodd and Charlie Rangel. The Bush administration tried 11 times to get Congress to increase oversight. Charles Schumer led the protection of his major constituency, Wall Street and his campaign coffers benefitted as a result.

By the way, Lyndon B. Johnson will go down as the worst President in history because he lost the Vietnam War and he lost the War on Poverty where there are more peopled enfeebled today than empowered because of those disastrous programs.

Intrade said...

RCB said :

    Well, to say his greatest regret should be destroying the Constitution isn't going far enough, because he did something much worse than that - he (and Rove) convinced people that it should be destroyed in the way it was; People accept the idea of mixing religion with politics, and even demand it, as evidenced by the number of 'faith-based voters'. They believe in unilateralism now, and actually want their civil rights taken away, because it makes them feel safer. His real crime is not killing democracy; his real crime is getting democracy to commit suicide

Intrade said...

Ryan said :

    Your an idiot #12. I love when people say "reliable sources" but can't even list them. Your hatred blinds you and it's sad.

Intrade said...

rallyguy said :

    His biggest should be "You're doing a good job, Brownie." It reflect upon how he has always done business by finding the most incompetent, sociopathic, greeedy, condescending, patronizing, and "loyal" personalities to fill all positions. Civil Service became self-service government in the Bush administration. Undoubtedly, he will be the worst president in U.S. history but the one issue-"faith based" voters will miss him.

Intrade said...

ugh said :

    13, the people who admire Bush have never used a computer