Monday, March 30, 2009

Deflation Most Likely, But What (and When) about Inflation?

Most (as do we) believe that the risks of deflation are far greater than inflation currently. However, if the vastness of the quantitative easing and other “unconventional measures” being taken by central banks cause to much money to be printed then inflation expectations might and I mean might just ignite.

There are of course many other reasons why expectations of inflation may ignite, e.g. people start believing that the global role of the US dollar is undermined.

So while we predict that deflationary pressures will be with us for quite a while when will inflation raise its head and what types of markets would you like us to list on these topics?

Please let us know here.

Source: Google Trends


Intrade said...

antihippy79 said :

    There is not even an axis on your chart...

Intrade said...

dmarlen said :

    How about... what will be the annual rate of inflation in the month of Dec 2009 in the U.S.? Or perhaps it could cover a quarter of a year; last quarter of 2009?