Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Real Time Trade Alerts – Should be Publish?

We already have much of the technology developed to publish via email, Twitter etc instant real-time notifications of matched trades on Intrade.

The notification would be short like the example below but would inform those interested of activity on Intrade.

Before we develop this I would appreciate you’re your input as to whether you would value this information / transparency.

The body of the text would be…


Prediction market 2012.REP.NOM.PALIN just traded at 10.5% ($1.05 out of $10) on Intrade. Previous trade was 10.5%.


Intrade said...

John said :

    Sure it would be nice, being able to watch a market in a passive way.
I am pretty sure it would raise liquidity on many markets and help users.
I am looking forward for this feature!

Intrade said...

John said :

    It would be even better if the user can put rules/filters about
which alerts he is interested into, for example:
if X.Y.Z is traded under 10.5% only then send me alerts.