Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St Paddy's

Happy St Patrick’s day from all your friends on the Emerald Isle.

The 17th March is said to be that of St. Patrick's death and is a national holiday in Ireland. But as is typical of the Irish, it is a case of any excuse is good enough for a good party.

While for some St. Patrick's Day still has religious connotations, for most it is a day to “let your hair down” (if you still have the stuff) and go a little bit crazy or at least do something different.

But here is a bit to the worst trivia ever.

St Paddy himself was a big fan of blue and not green.

Perhaps the green theme for St Pat’s day stems from how many of us look after a couple or more Guinness, Bushmills, Baileys, Jameson, Irish Coffee, Smithwicks, Middleton, Tullamore Dew, Galway Hookers, and White Gypsy. That would be of course before a massive feed of bacon, corned beef and cabbage.

So no matter what you do on the great day that March 17th is, we really hope you have a good one. We will raise a glass to all our friends at least a couple of times before noon. As for the afternoon, our intentions will be good at least.

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