Friday, July 9, 2010

Intrade iPhone App Live & Free

Our beta iPhone app is live in the iTunes Store and will be available free while our team of voluntary beta testers put it through its paces.

The app uses Intrade virtual currency and a new “look and feel” and some new functionality that will be applied to the platform soon (while retaining the current version of as an option for those who may prefer it).

If you are interested in being a beta tester of the app or the new version of Intrade, please let us know.

We would appreciate your feedback.

On behalf of the Intrade Team,

John Delaney

John.delaney *at*


Intrade said...

Hop said :

    This is a little confusing. I got an iPhone 4 and saw there was an Intrade app. I got it. I tried putting in the username and password I use on and it wouldn't work. Then I learned, by writing, that this is some kind of test. The explanatory material doesn't explain that it is currently not an access to

Intrade said...

Hop said :

    I tried to create an account on the iPhone app, but the server is not responding: 0024 GMT on 3 Aug.

Intrade said...

Hop said :

    I finally get connected and execute a trade. When looking at one unmatched prediction I click the button to return to all unmatched predicitons -- and the app shuts down and sends be back to the home screen. I've tried it 5 or 6 times, it seems a consistent problem.

Intrade said...

ElvisLive said :

    Unable to logon; loads of expired listing; Need to tag this as version 0.09.

Anonymous said...


Yes we are expiring markets currently but please mail us on with your logon issues.

Never disclose your password to anyone. Intrade does not ask for it.

Intrade said...

diseage said :

    App is super buggy. Closes constantly. Markets show percentages all over the place.